Let Me Write a Song For You.

This is my home "project recording studio" before I go to another recording studio to record overdubs. I always use the latest version of Pro Tools to record my ideas as well as Reason and Garageband for additional virtual instrument options 


Who I am

My name is Jeremy Brown and I am a songwriter and a composer. I create quality demos for aspiring singers. I also collaborate with other songwriter-producers to come out with material that is marketable for the music scene and the media.

Many people have different ways of working when it comes to producing a song. To me, inspiration comes from everywhere. The world is filled with ideas! They are in the food we eat and the coffee we drink for breakfast. Or in a conversation we are having with our loved ones over the phone. Or when we are just taking a stroll through the park. We hear things, we see things and connect. The truth is we all have a story to tell and we all have experiences that make us who we are. That's where I come in. I don’t need to tell you everything needs music. Whether you are at the gym and you need music to work out to. When you're in the car you are obviously listening to your favorite radio station or playlist on your iPhone; or on your free time streaming through your Amazon echo device from Amazon, Apple Music or Spotify. The truth is I want to write the soundtrack to your life! Whether it's taking a song you've written and you're not sure if it's not up to the full potential or if you just need a second opinion. I also love to work with other creative individuals. You maybe in a point in your life if your still trying to find that special thing that makes you different from everyone else and you need someone to help tell your story. That's my service that I want to provide you.